Global Fortune Investment Limited (Hereinafter referred to as GFI) was established in January 2011, which is based in Sydney, Australia, after four years of efforts, the company's business has grown. On February 4 2016, along with the bell sounds, Global Fortune Investment Limited (Stock Code: GFI) was officially listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), becoming the first Australian company listed on ASX in...

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  • Weiliang Liu

    Weiliang Liu

    Weiliang Liu, with more than thirty-year experience in busines...

  • Eric Yuan Lin

    Eric Yuan Lin

    Eric Yuan Lin has more than ten-year experience on accounting,...

  • Yuanping Kuang

    Yuanping Kuang

    Yuanping Kuang, with 20 years of work experience in many fie...

  • Shawn Ni

    Shawn Ni

    Shawn Ni, Founder of Shenzhen Qianhaihuirong Asset Management C...

  • Andrew Stoner

    Andrew Stoner

    THE HON. ANDREW STONER B.BUS interests include international tra...

  • Songwei Li

    Songwei Li

    Songwei Li has 20 years of business experience mainly in the...

  • Kunchang Li

    Kunchang Li

    Kunchang Li has 20 years of business experience in areas such...

  • Raman Bhalla

    Raman Bhalla

    Raman Bhalla has several years of experience in corporate gover...

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