About Us

Global Fortune Investment Limited (Hereinafter referred to as GFI) was established in January 2011, which is based in Sydney, Australia, after four years of efforts, the company's business has grown. On February 4 2016, along with the bell sounds, Global Fortune Investment Limited (Stock Code: GFI) was officially listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), becoming the first Australian company listed on ASX in 2016.

The company is aiming for being a company that including finance, industry, capital and internet data, and focus on global investment and development of project with high return and cross-border e-commerce trade. Global Fortune Investment Limited is working on two high potential gold mine projects in the western region of Australia, including The Yarri South sub-project, tenement E31/859; and The Horse Rock Bore sub-project, tenement E31/887, E31/1122 and E31/1147, with a total area of 345.9 square kilometers. In accordance with global Authority Geological Gold Mine Accrediting Agency Salva Resources, the LTZ (which including our project) is expected to have 600 tons of gold.

With the continuous expansion of the middle-class population in China, the population can reach 8 or 9 million, and they have great demand for quality products and services. The board of directors believes that Australia and New Zealand have a green and clean environment that produces quality products such as agricultural products, food and beverages, etc. There will be great potential for development in the Chinese market. Therefore, the company's strategy is to continue to develop exploration projects while developing agricultural products, infants, pregnant women, the elderly and students' milk powder, baby food supplements, health products, wine, and food trade among China, Australia and New Zealand.  

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement signed in November 2014 further strengthened and promoted the trade relations between China and Australia. With the opening of economic and trade cooperation between China and Australia, GFI closely follows the pace of national policies, and gathers time, location, and people to build China-Australia cross-border e-commerce trading platform, connects major free trade areas throughout the country, and uses Internet technology. To achieve unified, real-time information flow and management. We will promote the connection of consumer demand with global sources, create a safe, convenient and efficient new channel for international trade, and innovate new models for management development.

In August, 2016, GFI decided and have a 100% holding in AOCIA Pty Ltd. Aocia is a wholesaler, and it is a company mainly trading on Australia's health care products and healthy foods. In the meanwhile, Aocia holds 71.98% holdings in New Chinese in Australian Alliance Pty Ltd (NCIAA), which is a retailer company, and NCIAA is a subsidiary of Aocia.NCIAA is composed of influential group buying shareholders in Australia and sells for retail sales. It mainly deals with Australian health products and health foods. At the same time, GFI has 100% controlled Hong Kong's wholly-owned subsidiary Dragon Farm Holding Limited to create a cross-border e-commerce network.

The 2017 financial report shows that annual sales are 10 times of sales in 2016, exceeding 9.7 million Australian dollars. The subsidiary not only participates in organic skin care brands, it also has its own Manuka honey brand, and it is the main distributor of Australia’s brand Nutrition Care GUT RELIEF, which is acquired by Hong Kong-listed company Ausuo (01717).

At the beginning of 2018, GFI actively explored the Australian dairy market. Currently, GFI has contacted distributors of 5,000 baby products physical stores in China mainland, Hong Kong and Macao and in 2016, NC milk powder factories that have participated in shares already have the infant formula approval of the State Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China as in Number 1957. GFI is determined to become a dairy company that integrates milk powder producers, processors, brands, and distributors in Australia. The largest market for Australian Dairy is in China, and the low-income population in China is 7 to 8 billion, which is concentrated in second-, third-, and fourth-tier cities. From this point on, GFI has set a five-year plan and aims to create a Dairy-based company. GFI believes that it has a complete sales channel in China and occupies the complementary advantages between China and Australia and integrates the industrial chain so as to ensure the quality and price of milk powder. This will enable low-income people and the middle class to have Australia and New Zealand healthy, reassuring milk powder.

In March 2018, GFI partnered with Australia Delivery Pty Ltd to jointly create the most influential delivery platform overseas and expand the new Australian local lifestyle service sector. At the same time, relying on the huge three-dimensional local instant delivery network formed by the delivery service, this will become the necessary commercial infrastructure under the new retail scene. Australia's food delivery network includes APP "Sydney food delivery", "Melbourne food delivery", "Hobart food delivery", "Perth delivery", "Adelaide delivery", so far the total number of registered over 300,000 Chinese. The platform is the largest Chinese food delivery platform in Australia. At present, there are 380 new users registered per day, and more than 5,000 restaurants join in cooperative delivery network, and nearly 4,000 registered meal attendants. Exploration and development of business include: business catering services; business value-added services such as supply chain distribution, real-time data analysis; distribution services such as supermarket distribution, direct marketing fruit distribution; advertising business such as mobile advertising; logistics business such as express delivery, dry cleaning services. After a successful merger and acquisition, the company will actively develop overseas businesses and emerging markets, the first of which is New Zealand, aiming to become the largest Chinese food delivery logistics platform in Oceania.

After China's two sessions in 2018, China's capital market may open up international forums and welcome overseas listed companies to return to A-shares. GFI actively seeks listing of China International A-shares. GFI never forgets the initial intentions and continues to target Australia’s acquisition of global returns and development projects, and to create the best returns for shareholders!