About Us

Global Fortune Investment Limited (Hereinafter referred to as GFI) was established in January 2011, which is based in Sydney, Australia, after four years of efforts, the company's business has grown. On February 4 2016, along with the bell sounds, Global Fortune Investment Limited (Stock Code: GFI) was officially listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), becoming the first Australian company listed on ASX on 04 Feb 2016.

The company is aiming for being a company that including mining and development of project with high return and commodities trade. Global Fortune Investment Limited is working on One high potential gold mine projects in the western region of Australia, including The Yarri South sub-project, tenement and The Horse Rock Bore sub-project, tenement E31/1121 with a total area of 125.9 square kilometers. In accordance with global Authority Geological Gold Mine Accrediting Agency Salva Resources, the LTZ (which including our project) is expected to have xxx tons of gold.

In August, 2016, GFI decided and have a 100% holding in AOCIA Pty Ltd. Aocia is a wholesaler, and it is a company mainly trading on world co. In the meanwhile, Aocia holds 71.98% holdings in New Chinese in Australian Alliance Pty Ltd (NCIAA), which is a retailer company, and NCIAA is a subsidiary of Aocia. NCIAA is composed of influential group buying shareholders in Australia and sells for retail sales. It mainly deals with Australian health products and health foods. At the same time, GFI has 100% controlled Hong Kong's wholly-owned subsidiary Dragon Farm Holding Limited to create a cross-border e-commerce network.


The 2017-2018 each financial report shows that annual sales are exceeding 9.7 million Australian dollars. The company NCIAA was sold on 2019 and company will focus on Mining development and high return project for the shareholders.


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