Corporate Plans

The company's main goal is to bring returns to the investors.

The company has adopted a comprehensive control and accountability system as the basis of corporate governance. The board of directors is committed to the implementation of the open and complete management policies and procedures, pursuing the truth of corporate governance in the realization of the company's needs. In terms of application, the company has adopted the “Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Third Edition)” issued by the Australian exchange of Corporate Governance Committee as the company's governance policy. According to the size and nature of the company, the Board of Directors believes that the current board of directors is cost effective and practical for the company's management. With the change of scale, nature and scope of the company's activities, the size of the board of directors and additional corporate governance policies and structures will be re-considered. Companies need to regularly review the skills of their board of directors to ensure that the board of directors’ existing skills and professional knowledge portfolio can promote the realization of strategic goals, and are moving in the direction of success. Our duty is to be honest, fair, and try our best to create benefits for the shareholders according to the legal requirements; to assume the duties and responsibilities of employees, customers, groups. Corporate Governance Plan Appendix & Governance Statement

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